The Academy

The Academy of Torveca Caffè in Vigevano is an authentic oasis for coffee lovers and anyone interested in diving into the fascinating world of high-quality coffee roasting and distribution. Founded in 1930, this roastery has deep roots and wide experience that has developed over four generations. Nowadays, Torveca Caffè is a company operating in different industries, including Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés), B2C (Business-to-Consumer), and Private Labeling, offering a full range of top-class coffee services and products.

The Academy of Torveca Caffè is a point of reference for those wishing to join one of the industries in which the company operates. Its main goal is to provide comprehensive support to those who have the ambition to start their own business in the coffee world. The assistance offered goes far beyond simply supplying coffee and includes a complete process, from the design of the project to its implementation.


Training is one of the cornerstones of the Academy of Torveca Caffè. Here, aspiring entrepreneurs can dive into specialized courses covering all aspects of the coffee business. The courses include the basics of roasting, the art of coffee extraction, managing a Ho.Re.Ca. business, marketing, and human resources management. The instructors with years of hands-on experience in the coffee industry, share with enthusiasm their knowledge with students.


The Academy goes beyond training. It offers personalized support to create new businesses. It can include advice on choosing the equipment, assistance in the design of the furniture of the venue, planning the menu and much more. Aspiring entrepreneurs have access to an extensive network of industry professionals who can help them make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.


One of the distinctive features of the Academy of Torveca Caffè is its commitment to sustainability. The company is deeply aware of the environmental impact of coffee production and promotes sustainable practices among its customers. Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to adopt an ecological approach in their business receive specific training on how to reduce their environmental impact, from coffee choice-selection coming from sustainable farming to waste management.


The Academy offers an interactive and engaging learning environment. People interested have access to coffee tasting workshops, where they can hone their tasting skills and learn to recognize the different features of coffees from different regions of the world. This sensory experience is essential for those who wish to become expert coffee tasters.


The Academy of Torveca Caffè is also a platform for sharing ideas and creating contact networks in the industry. Torveca organizes events, conferences, and meetings with industry experts, offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with other creative minds and stay up to date on the latest trends in the coffee market.


Torveca Caffè’s history and lasting presence in the industry clearly demonstrate coffee quality and commitment to help others achieve success in this captivating industry. The Academy is the cornerstone of this commitment, providing coffee enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs with the education and support they need to succeed. With its extensive experience, its focus on sustainability and its commitment to quality, the Academy of Torveca Caffè is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to have a career in the coffee world.