Torveca Artisan Roastery in Vigevano is a company that has dedicated nearly a century to offering high-quality service in the Ho.Re.Ca industry. The company has built a solid reputation for its commitment to perfecting the art of coffee roasting.

One of Torveca’s strengths is its wide range of products dedicated to the most demanding barista. The coffee selection provided includes a variety of origins and types of beans, satisfying every palate. However, it is not just the variety that sets the company apart but also the focus on eco-sustainability. The company has been awarded Organic Certification, proving its commitment to environmentally friendly coffee production.

To ensure that its customers always receive a fresh, high-quality product, Torveca has deployed an extensive sales and distribution network. Therefore, cafés, restaurants, and hotels that choose Torveca Caffè as a partner can rely on a consistent and reliable supply.

Torveca goes beyond simply supplying coffee. The company also provides the best coffee brewing equipment on loan. Thus, end customers can enjoy a high-quality coffee experience with cutting-edge machines and equipment.

What really sets Torveca apart is the consulting provided to current and future administration professionals, which aims to raise the level of end-customer satisfaction. Baristas and restaurants managers can rely on Torveca for advice and training on brewing the perfect coffee, equipment management, and even the art of pairing coffee with foods and desserts to provide the whole experience to their customers.

Ultimately, Torveca Artisan Roastery in Vigevano is a company that is committed to providing the best quality in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry. Through its extensive product range, attention to eco sustainability, reliable distribution network, high quality equipment and expert consulting, Torveca is the ideal partner for everyone seeking excellence in coffee brewing and serving. Having nearly a century of experience, Torveca remains a point of reference in the artisanal industry of coffee.