Our Company

Our History

Torveca Caffè Artisan Roastery, located in Vigevano, in the province of Pavia, is a company that has a history rich in tradition, passion and dedication in the world of coffee roasting.

Founded back in 1930 by Biagio Invernizzi, the company has seen an exponential growth because of the work of Fortunato Mongini, who has been able to develop its potential throughout the years. In the 1980s, Torveca came under the control of Mr. Marco Visconti, who introduced further innovations and improvements to the company. In the last few years, his son Marcello has joined the company aiming to transfer the know-how gained from a past of tradition and experience towards a cutting-edge and eco-sustainable future.

Torveca Caffè has established itself as a point of reference in the coffee roasting industry, providing its products to a wide range of customers, including Ho.Re.Ca professionals (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés), B2C costumers (Business-to-Consumer) and Private Labeling Service. The wide range of customers proves the adaptability and quality of the company’s products and services.



With an advanced management system and efficient logistics, the company can deliver its products in a timely and reliable manner, guaranteeing freshness and coffee quality in every supply. The logistical efficiency is essential to meet the needs of customers operating in the restaurant and hospitality industry, who require high quality products in a timely manner.


Made up of highly skilled professionals who work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and offer custom solutions. The dedicated sales network ensures top-class customer service and allows the company to maintain long-term relationships with its customers.


The company administrative department is highly efficient and helps ensure strong financial management and greater transparency in operations. The combination of a well-organized logistics department, a dedicated sales network and rigorous administration makes Torveca Caffè a reliable and flexible partner for every customer.


What makes Torveca Caffè unique is its passion for environmental sustainability and innovation. Mr. Marco Visconti and his son Marcello have made sustainability a company key pillar. They invested in advanced technologies to reduce the environmental impact of their roasting operations, adopting eco-sustainable and recyclable practices. The dedication to ecology is not only environmentally friendly, but also meets the growing needs of customers leaning towards sustainable products.

Torveca Caffè has also been a pioneer in adopting fair trade practices, ensuring that its coffee farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work. Such a responsible approach to trade is another aspect that makes the company stand out in the industry.

Besides sustainability, innovation is at the heart of Torveca’s approach. The company constantly invests in research and development to improve coffee quality, developing new blends and roasting techniques. The dedication to innovation is reflected in the wide range of products offered, which satisfies the most demanding tastes of customers.

An example of this dedication to innovation is the constant improvement of roasting techniques, which results in coffees with unique aromas and flavors. Torveca Caffè offers a selection of single-origin coffees from different regions of the world, each one with its own unique features.

The attention to detail in the selection of raw materials and roasting is what makes Torveca’s coffee extraordinary.

Furthermore, the company is always at the forefront in adopting the latest trends in the coffee industry. Torveca has introduced new methods of preparing and serving coffee to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and to stay competitive in the ever-changing market.

Torveca Caffè not only produces exceptional coffee but is also an active player in the local community. The company is committed to supporting social and cultural initiatives in the Vigevano area and promotes coffee education among young people. The commitment to contribute to the well-being of the community demonstrates the responsible and sustainable approach of the company not only towards the environment but also towards people.

Ultimately, Torveca Caffè artisan roastery is a company with a long and proud tradition in coffee roasting, who has managed to adapt to modern times by embracing sustainability and innovation. Managed with passion and commitment by the Visconti family, the company continues to offer high quality coffee to its customers, maintaining its reputation based on reliability and flexibility. Torveca Caffè is more than a roasting company; it is an Italian success story that represents the best of traditional craftsmanship and dedication towards a better future.