The roasting art since 1930
Torveca Caffè

il caffè di TorvecaFor over 80 years Torveca has skilfully perfected its blends to ensure that every one of its products is produced to the very highest standard.

Today each phase of the manufacturing process is treated with the same passion and dedication and its natural blends, obtained by dry roasting the beans slowly, continue to produce a timeless and instantly distinguishable aroma.

The Torveca blends are monitored with painstaking care, from the earliest phases of production to packaging and delivery, in conformance with health and safety rules.

Selected raw materials, combined with the use of technologically advanced manufacturing plants, make the Torveca blends both sophisticated and perfectly suited to bars and restaurants. Torveca pods and capsules mean its typical blend can be savoured both at home and in the office everyday.

Torveca offers its attention to detail and experience of four generations to other companies who require contract manufacturing for any part of their production.

Torveca coffee can be found all over Italy. It supplies its products directly to Novara and the rest of Piedmont as well as to Vigevano, Pavia and to the whole of Lombardy.
As well as distributing its products in Italy, Torrefazione Torveca has exported its products abroad for some years, mostly to France, Greece, Chile, Austria and Finland.

Torrefazione has been ruled by a genuine passion since 1930.

Torveca dal 1930

Torrefazione e Vendita Caffè (Torveca) was founded in 1930 by Natale Biagio Invernizzi, a pioneer in the distribution of coffee and colonial imports to bars and restaurants. In the fifties, under the management of Fortunato Mongini, the company made a name for itself with its typical blend and embarked on increasingly state-of-the-art production methods.

Torrefazione Torveca

Raw materials selection:
The selection and purchase of raw coffee is handled directly by the company: Torveca technicians taste samples which arrive in the company in order to be sure that the aroma of the blends remains consistent over time. .

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