Ho.Re.Ca. Torveca for bar and restauraunts
Coffee blends, counter products and much more.

Customer Service

Frequent and regular customer calls, aimed at delivering the fresh product and providing 360° assistance, lead to a reduction in the time between processing and the serving at the counter of the Torveca blend.

The machines loaned to the customers must be kept working efficiently. This is why Torveca technicians intervene regularly and rapidly in order to solve transitory problems and to carry out regular maintenance. It is the only way to ensure a consistently excellent blend of coffee.

Torveca assists its customers in customising their bar or restaurant storefront and supplies a series of gadgets branded Torveca, from counter sugar bowls to wall posters, certain that the immediate identification of the bar/restaurant with the Torveca blend creates a winning team.

The cup also contributes to the deliciousness of the blend and to the connoisseur’s complete satisfaction. Therefore, Torveca handles not just the quality of the coffee but also all those details which contribute to a better appreciation of the Torveca blend, creating a coordinated image in the bar/restaurant interior.

Each customer is offered a “tailor-made” service. This is the company policy of Torveca, which works with a structure and services that can be adapted to the unique demands of every customer.

Sala Corsi Torveca

For its own customers and for anyone who wishes to approach the world of the cafeteria, Torveca organises beginner’s and advanced training courses in the equipped classroom at its headquarters, with A.i.b.e.s. qualified staff in order to learn about blending and how to achieve excellence when making a Torveca Espresso.

Torveca offers a range of services that can assist the customer with his business.

Torveca offers a range of services that can assist the customer with his business. A team of professionals who will become veritable partners, providing technical, advertising and promotional support geared to needs.

Working in close and continuous liaison guarantees customers’ requests are consistently met.

Whole bean coffee blends in sacks and decaffeinated coffee in sachets
Sugar in sachets: white granulated sugar, raw cane sugar, fructose and Vantaggio sweeteners. Dark chocolate coated coffee beans.
FAP capsules of organic coffee, dec, ginseng, barley and guarana
Barley coffee pods and powdered chocolate
Soluble ginseng, barley coffee pods and soluble barley coffee
Kit bar

Pods and capsules for bars and restaurants: Ho.Re.Ca

A service designed for those who wish to offer their customers a quality product without relinquishing savings and practicality!
Torveca pods/capsules do away with the need for coffee grinder dosers and purifiers. No coffee is wasted in trying to achieve the right grind or to eliminate the coffee dregs left in the doser. Each box contains mono portions of pods and capsules, ready for use. Ground, dosed and pressed, Torveca pods/capsules are ready to be slotted into the machine.

The machine has a limited energy consumption (approximately 700-1400 W against the 3500 W of a traditional espresso machine) and can also be run at lower power.

The machine requires very little time to heat, so it can be turned off when the bar or restaurant is closed. In addition, the pods/capsules stop the ground coffee from leaking. This is why everyday cleaning times are cut.

Anyone can be taught to serve an excellent espresso! Just slot the pod/capsule in the filter, lock the group handle and press the dispenser button. The result is guaranteed!

Each pod/capsule is sealed in an individual MAP which guarantees aroma and freshness for up to 24 months.

The range of Torveca products in pods/capsules comprises: Torveca coffee blend, decaf, barley, ginseng coffee, guarani, teas and tisanes. The machine is also equipped with a professional steam nozzle for the preparation of frothy milk for cappuccino.

Torveca pods and capsules are biodegradable. The aluminium wrapping is 100% recyclable!
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Caffè Aromatizzati Torveca Torveca flavored coffees are offered in six recipes that are easy to prepare and tempting for the palate.

The initial package, in addition to the 5 bottles of selected syrups, includes:

- wall / table signage
- glasses
- milk frother
- chopped hazelnuts (250gr)
- dark chocolate buttons to decorate the preparations


Erogatore Orzo e GinsengThe barley/ginseng dispenser combines Made-in-Italy advanced technology and Top Quality products to smoothly ensure unmistakeable taste and aroma.

Machine features:
  • accurate and constant dispensing
  • reduced size
  • easy reloading of products
  • user-friendly display and controls
  • spacious tank (3.5 litres of water)
  • warning light when water is low
  • button for automatic cleaning
  • dual dispenser with two separate ducts
Technical characteristics:
  • height 50cm
  • width 20cm
  • depth 42cm
  • weight 20kg
  • tank capacity 3.5 litres
  • Max hourly production 230 cups
  • 2 powder containers
  • average dispensing time 10”
  • energy consumption 1,100W

Torveca has studied a range of capsules specifically for bars and restaurants which aim to offer excellent quality products without necessarily installing hot drinks distributors on the counter.

The Portafiltro Fap system is a practical and innovative solution which allows for the preparation of capsules of Caffè Decaffeinato Torveca, Caffè Biologico Torveca, Ginseng, Orzo and Guaranà.

The Portafiltro Fap requires neither maintenance nor pre-heating. Just slot in a capsule, lock it into the espresso machine and dispense… quality and practicality guaranteed!

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